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The trolls from Trollstad® count a total of 7 trolls, and they can be hired to perform either alone or together.

Would you like to hire one or several trolls for your event?

Starting at NOK 3000 up to NOK 6000 for one troll, we offer different types of entertainment depending on the duration of the event.

We would like to highlight our main attraction

The dance of the Trolls

This signature product involves 3 of our dancing trolls in a modern and spectacular dance routine. Both the music and the choreography are written especially for this dance. The trolls take the spectators on a journey back to when the trolls first encountered the human society. The dancers are professional and the expression is modern and spectacular. This show can be performed almost everywhere, but the stage should be on flat and even terrain. It is also important to have access to power since we are using speakers.

This performance is perfect as an act in conferences, cultural events and even during dinner receptions.

Price: NOK 15 000

Events and custom made experiences

Together with our clients we put together suitable adventures for every occasion. We can entertain guests anywhere in the world.

Terms and conditions:

Offers are not valid until we have a written consent. Additional costs like transportation, food or drinks will be charged in agreement with our clients. Cancellations later than 48 hours prior to the event, will be fully charged.