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The family of huldertrolls is large and mighty. The king, Utgammal, is the oldest and wisest troll. He is also teaching the young trolls at school, and is the “spokestroll” for all important situations. He is very proud of his family, and especially his daughter Druspe whom one day will be the new queen of Trollstad.

Druspe is the mother of 7 youngsters. No one makes better food than trollmother, and she is also in charge of the herbs that are used in food, drinks and as medicine. Her trollmate Gryfflar, is an excellent craftsman who makes precious jewelry, pots and pans from wood and rocks.

The oldest boy is named Stig Skapelon and he is a true adventurer. He is very curious and impatient which sometimes gets him into a lot of trouble.

The younger boy Skrubbelur and he is a true dancer alongside his sisters Sokkestruple and Struplekopp. Skrubblur is a thoughtful troll that loves to dance and play music. He takes good care of his siblings, and is quite happy at school. His favorite subject is history.

The two sisters Sokkestruple and Struplekopp are always together and they enjoy each other’s company. Alongside Skrubbelur they dance in their own danceshow and are often out and around to perform. They giggle and laugh a lot together.

Fantehit is the youngest girl troll, all sweet and charming. She is a bit shy and is mostly comfortable not too far away from trollmother. Her many talents also help her with everyday challenges.

The twinbrothers Tittføtt and Tausafut are always in trouble. Tittføtt, whose name means “rapid feet”, can outrun any of his siblings and that is a good thing when they try to catch him for bad behavior. Tausafut will cause just as much trouble as his twin brother but when Tausafut puts on his most adorable smile it is impossible to stay angry with him. Some days they can be quite helpful and run errands for both mum and dad.

Troll from Karl Otto Henriksen on Vimeo.